Our Process

  1. I conduct a full inventory interview with a client to determine what your needs may be.  An agreement to conduct your sale is signed at this time or an appraisal is prepared objectively judging the value of your furnishings.
  2. My experienced staff then comes to your home to begin the set up of your sale.  All household contents are displayed with care to highlight unique features.  Table clothes will be used when additional tables are necessary.  Trash is disposed of and your home is presented in a neat and clean manner.  We pride ourselves on thoroughly displaying your items of value to take full advantage of the market price.
  3. An item may seem of little value to you, so please don’t throw anything out. An accurate evaluation of your property is the key to a successful sale. Let my experienced staff properly evaluate and price your lifetime possessions.
  4. An appropriate sized ad will be placed in the newspaper listing all antiques, collectibles and household furnishings.
  5. The day of the sale arrives and my highly trained staff is on hand to ensure a smooth and orderly sale. Potential buyers are free to walk through the home and select items. I welcome bids throughout the sale.  Each item selected is written up by a salesperson, and paid for at the time the customer exits your home.  Arrangements can be made at this time to pick up larger items within two to three days.
  6. At the end of the sale your home is left neat and clean with general cleanup completed. Trash is set aside for pickup, or disposed of if requested by the client.
  7. You may have a favorite charity or church group you would like residual items donated to, we will facilitate the disbursement at your request.
  8. After the sale has been conducted, you will receive a check within 10 business days from the date of the sale for the amount collected reflecting the deductions previously agreed upon, such as advertising costs and our fee.